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Pet Cat Self Groomer Brush

Pet Cat Self Groomer Brush

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Introducing the Cat Self-Grooming Brush

A revolutionary System Designed to Minimize Shedding and Keep Your Home Free from Excess Fur on Furniture, Floors, and Clothes.

This Innovative Tool Not only Reduces the Hassle of Cleaning up After Your Furry Friend but Also Promotes Better Health and A Sleek, Shiny Coat.

With the self-combing feature, your cat can enjoy a hassle-free grooming experience while you reap the benefits of a cleaner living space.

The brush stimulates blood flow, contributing to your pet's overall well-being and maintaining the health of their coat.

Not only will your cat look fabulous, but they'll also feel fantastic!

Say goodbye to the endless struggle against pet hair and hello to a happier, healthier cat with the Cat Self-Grooming Brush.

Invest in the well-being of your feline friend and enjoy the comfort of a fur-free home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Granville Mraz

My cats did not use it but that’s probably because they’re old so buy this if your cats are not lazy...

Rhea Goldner

I loved it...very pretty and good material...happy with my purchase...😊

Cyrus Rogahn

Just what I was hoping for. everything as described. A Sturdy piece, the bristles are pliable. Cat nip they provide is for 1 use & I'm not sure where to put it - on the bristles or inside the unit?
It's gonna take a few attempts for my cat to get used to it. So far we have laid together with brush near us. She has let me pet her using the brush. She smells it & rubs her face all around it but is still a bit gun shy about rubbing her face on it. I believe she'll use it once she figures it out. However, she didn't stay with me very long, she didnt sleep with me, & hasn't come back to me when I call like she always does. So idk it's gonna take some time I guess. I'm gonna wash it perhaps its the smell of something new that's has her freaked out a bit.
Nice they provided double sided sticky pads & if you want to mount it to a piece of furniture

Sienna Halvorson

As soon as he saw it coming out of the packet my cat was trying to rub himself on it!

Carmine Smitham

These are large! Perfect for my cats. You can use the stickies or small screws that come with it for attachment. I have one outside in the catio I used the screws on. The stickies are nice and strong for the chair legs inside the house.

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